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Red Berry Cheese Danish & Joie De Vivre - A Sparkling Chardonnay

Sparkling wine has been noted in historical writings of the ancient Greek and Romans, meaning it has been around since the start of written history. The natural effervescence of intended still wine was originally considered a fault in production. We know now that sparkling wine gets its bubbles from high levels of carbon dioxide. The bubbles can either form naturally due to certain conditions being met in the bottle or can be injected to create a similar result.

In the past, sparkling wine was considered “the devils wine” because early glass bottles would deteriorate and explode under the pressure of the secondary fermentation. Throughout the years, the production of more sturdy glass bottles paired with a scientific understanding of the production of sparkling wine has created beautiful aromatic and bubbly wines now enjoyed during special occasions year-round.

Our 2015 Joie De Vivre is an estate produced sparkling wine with Chardonnay as its base. It is made in the traditional "Methode Champennoise", aka a secondary fermentation that occurs naturally in bottle. This means the longer it sits, the smaller the bubbles. It is fresh, crisp, and vibrant with a balanced and refreshing finish. I wanted to pair our Joie De Vivre with a bright, fruity Danish dessert that would go nicely with the light acidity of the wine while blending with the layers of rich pastry and cheese with the buttery notes of the Chardonnay varietal.


· 1, 8oz can of crescent roll dough

· 4oz cream cheese, softened

· 2TBS plus 1tsp granulated sugar

· 1/2c fresh raspberries

· 1/4c fresh strawberries, chopped

· 2TBS lingonberry preserves

· 1TBS melted butter


· 1/4c powdered sugar

· 1tsp milk

***You can substitute the lingonberry preserves for raspberry preserves, you can also try this recipe with any combination of fruits and preserves!**


Preheat oven to 375F.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Unroll crescent dough and separate into 8 separate triangles (most canned crescent dough is already perforated).

Using a knife or a pizza cutter, cut triangles in half, length wise and arrange in a straight line down the pan with the wide ends slightly overlapping. Press overlapping edges together to help seal.

In a small bowl, beat cream cheese and 2TBS granulated sugar together and spread in a thin layer on the wider, overlapping side of the dough.

In another small bowl combine fresh berries and preserves. Spread in a thin layer down the middle of the cream cheese.

Fold pointed ends across the filling and press down on the straight edge.

Once all pointed ends have been pressed down, curve one end of the Danish to resemble a candy cane shape.

Once your Danish is in the desired shape, brush with melted butter and sprinkle the remaining teaspoon of sugar on top.

Bake for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown.

Let cool for 5 minutes while you make the glaze. For glaze, whisk milk and powdered sugar together until no lumps remain and drizzle over cooked Danish with a spoon. Enjoy!

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