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Red Wine Brownies & Petit Verdot

Petit Verdot is considered to be one of the most ancient grapes in the Bordeaux region of France. It was, and still is, celebrated for its high yields and resistance to rot. World-wide, Petit Verdot is commonly used as a blending grape. However, Virginia celebrates it as a single varietal and creates beautiful wines with bold tannins and a high age-ability.

Our Petit Verdot is rich with notes of red and black fruits. It exudes aromas of violets and a has a nuanced edge of forest floor. It has a high tannic structure that can pair well with any rich food or your favorite red meat.

A fan favorite from our recent Petit Verdot tasting seminar was the PV brownie. Nothing goes better with a bold red like Petit Verdot than a rich, dark chocolate brownie. To make things even better, make a red wine glaze to add a little acidity in the mix. Overall, I knew I had to include this super simple, easy to make recipe that you are able to make well ahead of time!


· Ghirardelli Ultimate chocolate brownie box mix

· 1/4c Petit Verdot (could substitute with any bold red wine)

· 1/4c vegetable oil

· 1 egg

For Glaze

· Approximately 3c Petit Verdot (can use up to 1 bottle, you can also substitute with any red wine)

· 3-4c powdered sugar

· Pinch of salt


Follow instructions on box mix and substitute the water 1-1 for wine.

Bake according to the instructions on the box, depending on the size pan you use.

While your brownies are baking, add 3c Petit Verdot to a saucepan and slowly reduce on low heat, whisking occasionally, or until wine has condensed down to 1c in volume. Whisk in powdered sugar and salt. This will make a tangy red wine sauce to balance out the richness of the brownie.

Alternatively, you can find a recipe for a regular dark chocolate ganache and add in one cup of reduced red wine. This will make a thinner, rich and tangy chocolate sauce.

Enjoy warm with a glass of wine and an optional scoop of ice cream.

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