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Delfosse stacked barrels

Meet the Farm Dogs

Please meet two very important members our team - Buck and.... Buck! These hardworking dogs are on a mission to protect our grapes from predators. They may bark, but they are very affectionate with people! Please drive carefully as they do not have the best-developed sense of car awareness. Thank you!


"Original Recipe"


blurred image of our tasting room and vineyard

The Big & Bad Story of Buck Jr. 

Buck Jr., the big fluffy Great Pyrenees, was welcomed onto the vineyard in July 2023 as a rescue.  Ever since he was brought home here in Faber, VA, he has been hitting the ground running, literally.  He is nocturnal, and chases all of the critters away throughout the night to protect our grapes.  When visiting the winery, you can easily find him sleeping off his nights work or begging for the scraps of your picnic (he is still learning his manners).  Everyone help us welcome our fluffiest new teammate!  

Want To Give Back?

Here at Mountain & Vine we are passionate about giving back to other dogs just like our two Bucks.  If you feel inclined, consider making a donation to the local Nelson County Almost Home Pet Adoption Center in their names!

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